Monday, April 19, 2010

Preview of things to come

Because of the upcoming move, I'm putting a hold on my knitting. I finished that yellow dress this morning (need a pic to post about it!) and from here on out, I'm doing no knitting or sewing until after the move. In fact, this afternoon, I will be packing up my yarn (gasp!).

There is an exception: I have one project left to finish before the move. A friend of mine has asked that I try to fix the holes in this blanket.

It was in her grandmother's house, so it's kind of a family heirloom. I was able to find a yarn that matches it, and I've fixed the two small holes and about a fourth of the big one so far. I'm planning on finishing it tomorrow in the morning.

I may allow myself one more sewing project before the move: I have a pair of jeans that fit well pre-pregnancy, but there is a hole in the knee. I'm planning on altering it into a pair of maternity jean shorts. It was really warm last week, and if that's any sign of what it'll be like in California, I'll need maternity shorts soon.

After the move, my plans include knitting soakers, socks, and some toys for Margaret. As far as sewing goes, I still need to do that T-shirt quilt for McKay and I want to cut off the bottoms of our little onesies and make them into shirts.

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