Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swiffer Covers

Once upon a time, there was a committee. The committee was deciding which colors would become "holiday" colors. Just as they were finalizing the colors, someone spoke up and said, "Wait, we can't use these colors! Years from now someone will be manufacturing yarn and those colors will end up in a variegated skein and make all holiday crafts look like clown barf!" And so we were saved from a miserable existence.

Except it didn't happen that way at all. I wish it had; holiday-dyed yarns almost always look like clown barf to me.

When I decided to make swiffer covers, I noted the "holiday" yarn in my stash. The skeins were repurposed to me. I have had no idea what to make with the skeins because I really didn't want clown barf for the holidays- but swiffer pads! Who cares what those look like? No one! They aren't out for display and only come out when I feel like cleaning.

I made 3 swiffer covers so far.

Swiffer Cover 1

Pattern: Swiffer Mop Cover- Knitted (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Peaches n Creme in Yankee Doodle

This cover is the most taut, which I like, but it is so taut that the pad doesn't cover the whole swiffer. I apparently have gauge issues.

Swiffer Cover 2

Pattern: Zoom (opens a pdf)
Yarn: Peaches n Creme in Yankee Doodle and then some in Mistletoe

I like that this one covers the swiffer, but it's not as taut and I worry how it would react to water. Also, I ran out of the Yankee Doodle skein and finished it up in Mistletoe- but who cares? It's a swiffer cover!

Swiffer Cover 3

Yarn: Peaches n Creme in Mistletoe

This one attaches like a swiffer pad is meant to: there are 4 bobbles that you stick into the little slots on the swiffer.

I'll probably try a few more patterns at a later date. I think I'm good for now.

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frugalhippiebusy said...

Brilliant. I never thought of making washable cotton covers for our swiffer... which meant we weren't using it much :D I like the 3rd pattern the best I think - I will probably make some soon!