Sunday, May 23, 2010

Works in Progress

First, here's a picture of Margaret in that yellow dress I made her. It's a little blurry. She wore this dress to church today and got lots of compliments! Also, you can see her little elephant is well-loved.

On Friday, when I finished the soaker, I started a sock.

Saturday I went to my first ever knitting class. We're making skirts. This is as far as I'm "supposed" to go until this Saturday. I may or may not stick to that.

I have a few other projects I should be working on, so the skirt might really get the back burner this week since I am technically "on schedule." We bought a swiffer because we didn't have a mop. I plan on knitting up some cotton swiffer covers that I can put in the wash and reuse. I also want to make Margaret some felt refrigerator magnets and sew myself those maternity shorts and sew the onesies into shirts. I haven't worked on those because we don't have a table yet, but we should be getting one Wednesday!

Also, I have a fun project for ping pong balls in mind. It was actually McKay's idea, but it's brilliant and will rock your world when I finish it.

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westottawamommy said...

Cotton Swiffer Covers?!? Thanks for the great idea! I should really make some since I've got a ton of cotton yarn sitting in my stash bins and I feel so guilty for using the disposable cloths. By the way, I love the dress. She looks so stylish.