Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday

The skirt I've been working on is almost done. I need to weave in ends, steam the lace, and add the elastic for the waist. Because the waist can't be done until I actually have a waist again, this will be a permanent WIP until after I have the baby. The skirt seems huge to me because it has to fit around my hips and butt. Darn butt.

Last night I did the heel flap and turned the heel on my first Twisted Sock.
I've also been wanting to knit up things for the baby and for Margaret, but I want to stick to what I have in my stash. I'll have to put "dig through my stash" on my To Do list.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wool Pads

I bought a bunch of sweaters from a thrift store a year and a half ago with the intent to sew them into wool longies and soakers. That never happened. Well, I tried, but failed miserably because my sewing skills are lacking.

So I had scraps of wool sweaters sitting around the house. I then decided I would felt the sweaters and turn the fabric into wool pads for sleeping on. When Margaret was a newborn, she and I slept on waterproof crib pads just in case she spit up or peed out her diaper or I leaked a gallon of milk on the mattress. Unfortunately, those don't breathe and so we got really hot and sweaty and I had an angry baby. Margaret has always been sensitive to heat.

I figured that since wool works good for longies and soakers: keeps the wet in, but breathes, we will try that for the next baby.

Before our move, I felted the sweaters and decided I'd sew them into pads before the baby came. After the move, I sort of forgot about my project until I ran into this post, which reminded me.

So today, I got out my sweaters and cut them up and sewed them together. My first one turned out great. It's the perfect size to fit my breasts and a baby on.

Then, for my second, I wanted to utilize this crown motive and be all "creative" and make it look all patchwork-like. Then I decided that it's meant to be spit up on and gave up on that idea.

And because I just wanted to put everything together, this was my last.

I think I'll fold up and use the last one for under Margaret at night. She's only had two night accidents since January, but you never know. She also refuses to wear anything while sleeping. If this will keep our mattress, dry, we'll do it!

I'll probably put a towel or prefold on top of these to soak up everything. The wool is just to keep the moisture from getting to the sheets and mattress pad and mattress. I'm hoping this will eleviate any need to strip the bed and wash sheets on a daily basis. If needed, I can lanolize these for extra waterproofing.

Oh, and with another scrap, I made a chair sock for a chair leg whose rubber stopper is missing. Now we can use the chair on the linoleum and not worry about scratching it.

Skirt Progress

I've finished the main part of the skirt and now I'm working on the lace trim for the bottom. Tomorrow is the last class for this skirt, so I'd like to have this lace done and attached to the skirt if I can. I still need to find some elastic and a slip to wear under it. I might not finish the skirt fully until after the baby comes and I can size myself better.
The true color of the yarn is in between what you see here, so imagine that.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Work Zone

McKay got Netflix for Father's Day. That's code for "I bought myself Netflix for my sitting around and nursing postpartum time and pretended it was for him."

I also knit him some cones. You see, if you work at Pixar, your desk is supposed to be decked out in cool toys and awesome. McKay's isn't. This is his first step into "awesome desk" fame. I chose these because his desk is a "Work Zone." Hahaha. Lame, I know.

Pattern: Traffic Cones
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin

I made 5 cones: 3 for McKay to take to work and 2 for Margaret to play with. She calls them "Buzz Hats!" because of this scene from Toy Story 2.

Friday, June 18, 2010

FO: Caterpillar

Pattern: Caterpillar
Yarn: Mostly Red Heart Acrylic. The Purple and the Yellow are Encore Worsted which are a little more fuzzy because of the wool content

I made this caterpillar for a baby shower gift. I used the same color scheme as the pattern but in pastels. Margaret insisted that this was her caterpillar, so I guess I should make her one, too. I'll probably do brighter colors for Margaret since I prefer those. I just figured the pastels would go over better at a baby shower.

It was quick and pretty easy. I need to work on the skirt some more and a present for McKay for Father's Day. Shh! Don't tell him!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Update

Look! I won some Noro on a blog contest! I can't believe it! I never win cool stuff like this.
The skirt is coming along. I'm a little behind. I wanted to be done with all the stockinette by Saturday. I still have an inch or 2 left to go. I really don't want to work on it. It's so boring and it doesn't feel like I'm getting anywhere- even though I know there's not much to do.

The sock is only worked on when I'm out of the house (it's my travel WIP), so it's not getting very far.

I'm going to a baby shower this week. I was originally going to make booties, but I think I'm going to make a toy. Kids grow out of booties- toys are played with for years. :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010


We still don't have a table, but with the high finally reaching the 80s, I needed to get some sewing done. I piled Margaret's toy boxes up and place the sewing machine on them while using the birth ball for a chair.

I spent a couple of hours this morning turning 22 onesies into shirts. They are all our gender-neutral newborn and 3 month onesies. I think having shirts instead will make diapering/ECing easier and make cord care easier the first week or so.
Then I decided I was going to sew myself some maternity shorts and jeans. I used this tutorial. I had two pairs of pants with holes in them. One had holes in the knees, so it would become shorts. The other would just be pants. I used 2 old stretchy shirts of mine for the maternity aspect.
Unfortunately, the shorts ended up being too small for me. I guess my belly isn't the only thing that gained weight. I might turn it into a skirt. And The picture is mysteriously upside down.

But the pants work. The stretchy part goes all the way up instead of digging into my belly in places that the baby hates. Yay!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Tropical Bath Fish

After making the Bath Fish in January, McKay suggested I make a more 3-dimensional bath toy. After some thought, we decided on using ping pong balls for the shape. Ping pong balls don't have holes, so you don't have to worry about water getting inside and mold growing. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure you can put these little fish in the washer if you are worried about the yarn being wet and gross.

I made 5 Tropical Bath Fish total.

Yarn: Peaches & Creme in Fiesta. The odd one out is in Gumdrop.
Needles: Size 3 (3.25 mm) double pointed needles.

The body is worked in the round starting at the mouth of the fish. When you get over halfway done, you put the ping pong ball inside the fish and close it up and knit the tail flat. Fins are added at the end.

They float in the bath, but because of the dorsal fin, they kind of tip over. McKay doesn't like that and thinks I should add some sort of weight, but Margaret doesn't seem to care when she plays with them.

I'm making up a pattern for them that will be available on Ravelry either tonight or tomorrow. The pattern will be under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

WIP Update

My skirt:

My sock:

The mysterious Ping Pong Ball Project:

This project is actually almost complete- this is the last ping pong ball item (5 balls total!).