Saturday, June 05, 2010


We still don't have a table, but with the high finally reaching the 80s, I needed to get some sewing done. I piled Margaret's toy boxes up and place the sewing machine on them while using the birth ball for a chair.

I spent a couple of hours this morning turning 22 onesies into shirts. They are all our gender-neutral newborn and 3 month onesies. I think having shirts instead will make diapering/ECing easier and make cord care easier the first week or so.
Then I decided I was going to sew myself some maternity shorts and jeans. I used this tutorial. I had two pairs of pants with holes in them. One had holes in the knees, so it would become shorts. The other would just be pants. I used 2 old stretchy shirts of mine for the maternity aspect.
Unfortunately, the shorts ended up being too small for me. I guess my belly isn't the only thing that gained weight. I might turn it into a skirt. And The picture is mysteriously upside down.

But the pants work. The stretchy part goes all the way up instead of digging into my belly in places that the baby hates. Yay!


Wooleyskein said...

I love those pants! Makes me want to own a sewing maschine...

Brittney said...

Good job girl! Way impressed.