Monday, October 04, 2010

FO: More Fish

This weekend, I made 4 of my Tropical Bath Fish (link to pattern is on my right sidebar).

Yarn: Kertzer CoolSpun Cotton in Fiesta

The biggest hurdle in making these was going out and getting the ping pong balls. I now have extra ping pong balls in my stash, though, so I should be good for any quick requests.

I also finished seaming up the blessing outfit and weaving in ends for everything except the collar. I need to knit the collar on, weave those couple of ends in and sew on 3 buttons and it'll be done!

As for Margaret's stocking, it's on hold because I lost one of my dpns! ARG!

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Shannon said...

how adorable! i started knitting a simple organic newborn hat for my baby-to-be and it felt so good to sit on my side porch, feel the cool fall breeze and have my needles back in my hand! happy knitting to you.