Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sewing Fail

I once bought a bunch of handkerchiefs at the dollar store thinking, "I'm sure I can make these into something." Then I came across this tutorial for bandanas and thought, "Hmm... If I make this from my handkerchiefs, it'll fit Margaret!"

Um. Yeah. No.

I made three shirts. They look nice in pictures- minus my inability to get the colors to look correct.

But once on her, they are too tight around her toddler tummy.

I still have 4 unused handkerchiefs. I think I'll make them into a skirt to make up for this fail.


Nemmer said...

What if you unpick (I know, hate doing that!) the one around her tummy, and sew TWO there instead? Gather it a little if you have to? Does that make sense? I think that would help a lot. :)

TopHat said...

That's a great idea, Nemmer. My husband suggested cutting out triangles and putting them in the sides. Hmm...