Saturday, August 28, 2010

FO: Sheldon

Pattern: Sheldon
Yarn: Red Heart in unknown colors because the labels are missing

Baby shower gifts are the best because I get to use up some acrylic. The eyes aren't particularly symmetric.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Today's WIPs are a Sheldon toy for a baby shower I'm going to on Saturday and Isaac's blessing outfit.
The blessing outfit is turning out to be crazy huge.

I have issues with the blessing outfit
  • I can rip it out and make it smaller.
  • I can trust the pattern and keep going. It'll be baggy on him, but the length will fit.
  • I can keep going just because it's like a wreck on the freeway and I want to rubberneck and watch what happens.
I think I'll keep going on it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Knitting Journey

I learned to knit when I was either 12 or 13. I was a Beehive in Young Women's and one of the combined YW activities was learning to knit a wash cloth. I remember I was in seventh grade because I worked on that wash cloth during the judging of our science fair projects.

The project was simple and I learned the knit stitch and yarn overs. I lost the pattern before the decreases, so I "made up" knit two together. It seemed like the most logical way to decrease to me, at least. And I learned to cast off. You might think I learned to cast on the project as well, but with only 4 cast on stitches, it didn't really stick in my brain. In fact, it wasn't until a few projects later that I got the hang of casting on. I'm always surprised when I teach someone to cast on and they get it right away. I was not blessed with such knitting prowess.

And that's all I knew how to do for a while. In high school, I received a "How to Knit" book at Christmas that came with some needles and stitch markers and such. From that book, I learned purl, but I didn't realize that I was twisted my purl stitches for years. It wasn't until I learned continental that I realized I had been purling wrong.

In high school I made mostly scarves and simple projects. I learned that if you knit something for a boy, he will leave you. I also started my first sweater in high school using double strands of Red Heart. I never finished it because I remember my dad saying something negative about it. It was ugly, but I did want to knit a sweater. I have yet to knit myself a sweater, though I've done a few baby sweaters.

I went to college. My parents didn't "let me" bring my knitting needles because they thought I wouldn't study. It was only later that I realized, "Hey, I'm an adult and who said that my knitting falls under their domain?" I gained my voice too late. I didn't knit much until I met McKay. I knit myself my temple slippers and some hideous mittens for a roommate. I also tried knitting socks for the first time and learned short rows.

In 2007, I decided I wanted to learn continental because English was too slow for me. Starting over was hard. You have to go back to doing each stitch deliberately and trying to get the tension right was hard! But I kept at it knowing that if I could master continental, I would be able to knit faster and get more projects done.

This summer I took my first knitting class. I really enjoyed it even though my project still needs finishing.

I knit because I like it. I knit out of necessity (soakers for my baby). I knit out of learning new techniques like intarsia or stranded knitting. I still have yet to do lace that needs wet blocking (I have the yarn for it, but it needs to be wound into balls!). And I should get around to doing a sweater for myself some day.

With the few knit graffiti projects I've done, I can use knitting for art and to make a statement. I always wanted to be an artist, but I wasn't encouraged to do much outside of school and piano. Knitting lets me fill that need to create. It's also wonderfully anonymous and sneaky. All of my graffiti projects were designed to brighten someone's day.

Ravelry might be the best thing that has happened to knitting since sheep. I love Ravelry because I can see what inspirations other people have knit. Sometimes I'm still trying to find my knitting "groove." But I'm only 24. I have a few more decades of knitting ahead of me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

FO: Pinwheel blanket

Pattern: Pinwheel Baby Blanket
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun

This yarn was a gift. I used part of it for the photo hammock and decided to use the rest for a baby blanket because of the washability aspect.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

FO: Seedling Soaker

Pattern: Seedling Soaker (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool Merino in a red-orange color.

I don't have the label for the yarn anymore, so I don't know the colorway.

As suggested by the pattern, I wove extra yarn through the inside of the seed stitch panel for thickness. Also, I put 6 buttons on it so we can always get a good fit.

FOs revisted

First we have the baby blanket I made when I was pregnant with Margaret. Now it's being used for Isaac.

(I'm only sharing this because I never got a good picture of Margaret in it to show it off).

And remember last February when I made this soaker? I was going to use a ribbon for a tie, but this weekend I decided that I'd just knit up a couple of icords and be done with it.

He doesn't like being put down.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Getting nothing done

I just sit around healing and I still can't get any knitting done because Isaac insists on sleeping in my lap. I need to make up some soakers; Isaac, at 2 and a half weeks, is already around 12 pounds and is outgrowing his diapers.

I've also been working on a Pinwheel blanket. I gave myself the strict guideline of finishing up the current skein on that blanket before embarking on soakers. Ifinished the skein last night! I still have another skein to do on that blanket which I will do after I knit one more soaker and lanolize it. If I don't put these restrictions on myself, I'll end up never finishing anything.

I've also been organizing my Ravelry queue. And the new search on Ravelry is great, though there are some patterns that are still mislabeled.