Monday, October 25, 2010

FO: Blessing Outfit

Pattern: Boy's Christening Romper and Tam
Yarn: Red Heart Baby Soft and Red Heart Soft in white

Ok, so this yarn is acrylic and not heirloom quality, but I'm a fan of being able to wash things that might get pooped and spit up on. Luckily, neither of those scenarios happened. This was also stash-busting. I NEED TO FINISH UP THIS ACRYLIC!!

Ran out of the DK weight once I was done with the romper, so the hat is in worsted. I didn't do the booties in the pattern. The pattern had a lot of mistakes, so I had to edit it a lot- edits are on my Ravelry project page. I learned how to do pleats and that was fun.

He looks handsome in it.

FO: Blue Bunny

What was that blue tube from the last post?

Pattern: Bunny Balloon Animal
Yarn: Red Heart Kids

I think we're done with baby showers in our ward for a while. Phew! I need personal knitting time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the Needles

Remember Margaret's stocking? I had to frog it and start over because the stranding was too tight and making it bunch up. McKay reminded me that for the stockings I did for Beth, I knit them inside out to keep the stranding from bunching. When he said that I was like "Duh!" He's a better knitter than I am! So we're back to casting on:

I'm still missing a dpn and that's why a circular is in that mess. I bought a new set of dpns on Tuesday, so my make-shift circ-as-dpn attempt can end. Yay!

Here's a sneak peek of the baby shower gift I'm now working on. Any guesses? Unfortunately, I can't go to the shower because my family will be in town this weekend for Isaac's blessing. I need to finish this by tomorrow so I can drop it off at the host's home early.

FO: Book Bag

Pattern: Barn Bag
Yarn: Peaches N Creme Ombres in Peppermint
We have a set of ten little board books. They came in a cardboard box which got torn. We recycled that, but I felt that we needed a good way to keep them together. So I knit a bag.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

FO: Summer Skirt

Pattern: Sawtooth Skirt
Yarn: Second Time Cotton in brick

I started this skirt in May when I took a class from the designer. At the time I was very pregnant, so I waited until I had a waist again to put the elastic in.
It isn't really this orange. It's a red brick color. I'll try to get better pictures in the future.

Sewing Fail

I once bought a bunch of handkerchiefs at the dollar store thinking, "I'm sure I can make these into something." Then I came across this tutorial for bandanas and thought, "Hmm... If I make this from my handkerchiefs, it'll fit Margaret!"

Um. Yeah. No.

I made three shirts. They look nice in pictures- minus my inability to get the colors to look correct.

But once on her, they are too tight around her toddler tummy.

I still have 4 unused handkerchiefs. I think I'll make them into a skirt to make up for this fail.

Monday, October 11, 2010

FO: Oakland Hat

I'm calling this my Oakland hat because I made it in Oakland. My creativity astounds me.

Pattern: Asminah's hat
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden color 293

I made this hat because I couldn't find my needle to work on Margaret's stocking (which is getting frogged and re-knit, by the way) and I wanted to knit something. So I took this stash yarn and made a hat. I worked on it Friday afternoon and them Saturday evening. And then it was done!


Monday, October 04, 2010

FO: More Fish

This weekend, I made 4 of my Tropical Bath Fish (link to pattern is on my right sidebar).

Yarn: Kertzer CoolSpun Cotton in Fiesta

The biggest hurdle in making these was going out and getting the ping pong balls. I now have extra ping pong balls in my stash, though, so I should be good for any quick requests.

I also finished seaming up the blessing outfit and weaving in ends for everything except the collar. I need to knit the collar on, weave those couple of ends in and sew on 3 buttons and it'll be done!

As for Margaret's stocking, it's on hold because I lost one of my dpns! ARG!