Sunday, January 16, 2011

FO: Sticky Socks

I don't know why I call these Sticky Socks, but I think the name fits.

Pattern: Sock it to Me: Plain Toe-up Socks for the Family in size child.
Yarn: Ty-Dy Socks Dots in Seafoam

I did the Magic Cast On and I also didn't do these "plain" as in the directions. I copied the idea from Knitty's Topographie to purl the green and orange colors. The yarn is light blue.

I love them! And I still have a lot of yarn left over, so I'll probably make some more toddler socks! She needs them.

1 comment:

funkyhan said...

love them!! I've got socks for the kids on my queue... who knows when I'll get them done :s

Going to check out the pattern now :)