Sunday, January 16, 2011

FO: Sun Hat

Pattern: On the Sunny Side in 2-4T, open work lace
Yarn:  Some cotton I got from a friend. No tag.

I did the brim in white, used up all I had of the green and blue yarn- which was probably not a whole skein and then finished the top in white. The green and blue are so calming. It just makes me sigh in happiness every time I look at it.

The top is kind of pointy. I might take out the top rows and adjust it to fit her head.

Why a sun hat in January? I chose this pattern via random number generator in my Ravelry queue. If I hadn't, it probably would have never been done. I need to use a random number generator more often. This is exactly what I needed last summer for her, so I think it'll get a lot of use this next summer.

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