Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stitches West

I didn't really hear about Stitches West in time to set up official carpools with knitters and through some bad luck, I had to make the choice yesterday: go to Stitches West alone or stay at home and spend time with my family. I was feeling really ambivalent about going, but McKay said, "You know if you don't go, you'll regret it!" So Isaac and I trekked down to Santa Clara yesterday afternoon. It was rainy and dreary, so all the colors were a fun site.

This was the scene when I first got there. Please excuse the cell phone camera.

One of the first things I did was find my LYS's booth. Here is proof I was there. This is the only picture with me in it and you only get half my face!

I started wandering around and was surprised to run into Allison Sarnoff and Jemma of The Knit Princess! I follow them in my RSS reader and I bought their first 2 books which also come with patterns in them! And the books were signed by Allison. Yay! The power of yarn does compel me.

And the booth right next to them? Handknit Heroes. I bought a subscription and got some patterns. I'm definitely going to make Margaret a superhero mask.

I also recognized a lot of booths by brand name: Malabrigo, CocoKnits (the church slipper pattern was theirs), KnitWhits (this hat from 4 years ago was their pattern), for example. There were also some local yarn stores: Imagiknit, A Verb to Keep Warm. And some local knitting guilds.

Here's KnitWits' booth.

In my wandering, I saw someone in a pretty dress and thought, "Oh, I want a pretty dress." So I went to the booth to see why they were all fancied up. And the booth was the Sanguine Gryphon! I read their blog and love their patterns. Here're the fancy dresses:

And I bought the pattern for the parasol pictured here:

So in all it was fun. I went hoping to get some blocking pins (which I did!) and a purse handle for my first felted bag (which I didn't). My greatest disappointment of the day was that I didn't make it in time for the Ravelry event! Oh well.

I didn't buy any yarn at all, though. I need to go on a yarn diet after that last LYS trip.

One of the best parts of yesterday was coming home and finding that instead of working on his thesis (must finish this semester or else!), McKay cleaned the whole house. Dishes done, rooms vacuumed, everything. Yay!

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