Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My First Spit Splice

Isaac was sleeping. I was doing something in the kitchen and Margaret was in the living room. Then I heard a little voice.

"Mommy! I cut it!"

My mind went straight to my lace shawl that I left on the couch. You know, that shawl I vowed not to get down while they kids were awake because I didn't want them messing up where I was or breaking the delicate lace weight yarn? Yes, that one.

I did take time to consider that maybe she just cut her hair. After all, she had just watched me cut McKay's hair last week.

So I went to the living room. It's the lace shawl. Luckily it's just the yarn leading up to the shawl and not the shawl itself.

Phew! Of course Margaret was really proud of this. I didn't want her cutting my yarn in the future though, so I told her that it's not good to cut Mommy's yarn and Mommy is sad for the yarn. This put her in tears. I knew it would because she's a very sensitive child and saying I'm sad broke her heart. I sat down and nursed her and told her that I love her and I knew she thought I'd be happy that she cut my yarn for me- she was being helpful! I told her she could watch me fix it.

But now I didn't know how to splice it. At Stitches West, I had talked to the lace knitting guild about Russian splicing, but with this yarn, I didn't want to attempt it because I don't think I have a needle small and share enough for that.

Then there's spit splicing. That could work since it's 100% wool. But I've tried spit splicing before and I didn't succeed.

So I go to youtube. I search Ravelry for advice. And I decide on the fateful spit splicing.

I unspun the ends and put them together, showed Margaret that I put them in my mouth and felted them together in my hands.

And it looked great- like there wasn't a problem at all.

I finished the row and put it up. I learned my lesson and rededicated myself to keeping that project up and out of the way.

In other news- I'm pretty much done with writing the pattern I mentioned Monday I just need to format it so it looks pretty. I also don't have the FO of the pattern anymore, so it probably needs a test knit, but I don't have time for that right now. I'm going to make it available later this week as a "pattern in progress." And then later this spring I'll knit it up and get nice finished photos for it.

I'm almost done with my first fingerless mitt to match that entrelac hat. I'm writing down notes so I can make up a pattern for that as well. I'm hoping I have enough yarn to make the second. I didn't like any of the patterns of entrelac mitts on Ravelry and this has a fairly unique construction for the thumb. I hope that people like it.

Also, check out Talents of Sisters. I've never been one to sell items on etsy (too much work to deal with taxes and all!) but I'm going to be a regular contributor to that store since I don't have to do the work! Thanks, Courtney!

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