Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Summary

This past week, I tried to branch out and do some other crafts I've been planning. I finally got around to getting McKay's ties painted for Father's Day. Here is Margaret painting. I had her take off her shirt to avoid the dye from getting on her clothes. Also, sorry about the blurry-ness

I had this great idea of using red, yellow, and blue and sun printing a start in the center of the red to mimic the Pixar ball. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate McKay's job. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong outside in the sun to keep the stars on the tie (even with buttons weighing them down) and it didn't work. Here's picture before they all blew away.

Margaret used grass and leaves on her tie and they actually stayed and McKay wore that tie to church today. Everyone thought it was beautiful. Margaret is a far better artist than I am!

I still have 1 unpainted tie and 1 silk handkerchief. I'm going to try sun printing again on the other tie, but I'm not doing the star idea.

I also finished a sock! I need to do the other. It reminds me of Halloween, which is coming up sooner than I can think! I need to make Margaret a costume.

I also bought some fabric to make myself a new temple outfit. My other one is 5 years old and has always been too tight in the shoulders. I can barely life my arms in it. I'll keep it around because it's very flowy and works all the way through my pregnancies, but I'm excited to make something myself.

I am behind on listening to my podcasts, but on a recent Just One More Row, a KAL was mentioned on a destashing Ravelry group in which the participants cast on a new project every day for a month. I'm considering doing my own version of that. I don't have enough needles to do 30 projects, so I'd have to finish some- especially the small toy project I have queued. I'd also allow myself to do other crafy projects like sewing or whatever. Or maybe I'll just work on something for at least an hour every day. We'll see.

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