Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FO: Pinwheel Sweater

Pattern: Pinwheel Sweater

Yarn: Encore Worsted in many colors

This pattern had been sitting in my queue for a long time. So long, in fact, that Margaret has outgrown the child size. I decided to take the mean of the adult and child size measurements to make a sweater that will be in between. It's big on Margaret, but she'll grow into it... in 6 years.

I chose the pink, red, blue, yellow, and green because they were leftovers from other projects and I needed to use them up. I chose the orange and purple to match and had to buy them just for this project. The purple is almost all used up, though, so there's not a lot of extra. I'm not really happy with the orange and purple, but oh well. Good use of stash. It needs blocking, but it's good for now.

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alystyn said...

That looks beautiful!! I did the same thing when I knit a sweater for my (then) 4 year old... she's almost 6 and maybe in a couple more years it will fit better... lol
I love yours, the colors are great! :)