Saturday, November 12, 2011

Entrelac Mitt Pattern

Remember these mitts from earlier this year? I said I'd write up the pattern. Unfortunately, in our move, I lost my knitting notebook with all my pattern notes! Then, this past Monday, we found two boxes that we hadn't opened yet, and ta-da! My pattern book! Along with some of Margaret's knitted toys that I thought we had lost. It was quite the relief.

And the past few days I have spent time re-knitting the mitts into a red version and test-knitting the pattern. And by popular demand, I am actually going to sell it instead of using the Creative Commons license. That was a big jump for me as I really do believe in free patterns, but every time I wear something I knit or someone sees me knitting, I'm told to sell it. So here we go! On Ravelry, you can now download the pattern for $3 USD. Check it out!

This also means I have a new FO:
Pattern: Deena's Mitts
Yarn: Katia Flama in Red

We really need a new camera. The old one is making every picture extremely dark. We tried resetting it to factory settings, but it's still doing it. I had to photoshop a little bit. The first picture is from my phone. Sorry about that!


ericadouglas said...

I am so excited to see your patterns for sale! I don't knit well but MIL does, so I would love to buy your patterns for her to make DD pretty things! I Tweeted you about babylegs and woolies patterns but I would also love to buy patterns from you for the toys you make, like the worm and fish. I'd even buy the actual toys from you if you ever want to sell your handiwork!

Anonymous said...

am working on making your Deena's Mitts & I have run into an issue. Don't know what I'm doing incorrectly. I'm working on the Thumb Hole portion. After completing the 5 rows, and I cast-on so that I have 5 stitches, The directions say, "Turn so that the wrong side I facing". BUT after completing Row 5 (RS), it tells me to TURN, so I am casting the 4 new knit stitches on the wrong side of the mitten, so TURNING the work would have me turn to the right side.

HELP! I realize it's a user error, but I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong.
scroggie on Raverly