Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Turtle

Pattern: Tiny Turtle
Yarn: Some acrylic I had lying around

I worked the pattern in the round instead of flat like directed. This made the feet a little fiddly, but it's better than having to seam!

So the baby shower gifts are finished!

Little update: Now to work on my stocking (ARG- I'm in the section that takes FOREVER). I've been taking Margaret's gift as my travelling knitting when McKay stays home with the kids while I go out in the evening. So that's getting along. Isaac's gift has only gained a row or two.

As far as designing, I was afraid that if I started designing, I wouldn't get any ideas, but this past weekend, a mitten idea came to me. I checked Ravelry to see if there were any similar mittens, but I couldn't find any like the ones I want to design. So that'll be fun once I get some more of the Christmas knitting finished. Look for that soon!

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