Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is not a good time of year to get into a knitting slump. I have not been knitting. I don't know why. I just haven't. I was at the DMV for over an hour yesterday because their computers were offline statewide and did no knitting. What is wrong with me? I ended up rescheduling my appointment so next week, I'll get to try again.

Thanksgiving is in 2 days. I wanted to have my stocking done before Thanksgiving and I'm currently turning the heel! The foot and heel are much faster because the colorwork is simpler and I really think this will go very quickly from here on out. Hooray! I really can't have any more kids because I do NOT want to knit those darn snowflakes again.

I finished the knitting on Margaret's shawl; it needs to be blocked. Then I need to do Isaac's present. I think I want to set the very high goal of finishing the knitting on my stocking and his sweater vest by the end of Thanksgiving. Maybe too high of a goal? Perhaps. But I want to get really serious about designing and patterns won't get written up if I don't knit them up first. Once the Christmas knitting is out of the way, I want to work on a mitten pattern.

I'm on Pinterest, if you want to follow me. I have a board for pretty knitted things. It's inspiring to see what other people knit. I was looking around on Ravelry thinking to myself, "I could make that. I could make that." Why don't I do all that? No idea. I think I will do all that. After all, it's just some string.

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