Friday, September 30, 2011

Knitting Update

I'm knitting mittens for Margaret. I worked on those during the General Relief Society meeting last weekend.

I'm also knitting a sweater/jacket/cardigan for her. I was out of yarn, but on Wednesday, I bought the rest at the Alameda Yarn Co. I also bought some sock yarn that Margaret liked and she wants me to knit boots. I'm going to knit her a shawl and then use the leftovers for a boot-like thing.

And I knit this and unknit this (and the stake conference project) a few times. And I'm giving up for now. I got stitch gauge, but not row gauge so I'm going to try a different yarn. This project will be next year's county fair project. But I'm not going to work on it until after Christmas. I have to do stockings and other holiday knitting.

And I'm ready for 8 hours of knitting this weekend!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FO: Owl

Pattern: Owls Two Ways (knit)
 Yarn: Encore Worsted in color 520

I finished this earlier this week, but waiting until today to post because it was a baby shower gift. There is rice in the bottom to help the little owl stay up. I used a three needle bind off instead of binding off and then seaming the top together. I think it's adorable!

FO: Caterpillar

You might remember this caterpillar from last year. That one became a baby shower gift, but Margaret had a hard time giving it up. I told her I'd make one, but never got around to it... until now!

This is all some acrylic in my stash. Maybe one day I'll have used it all up. Maybe.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Mask

This is the first in a set of 3 for a friend. I did most of the knitting for the second, but can't find half of it now!

Also finished this weekend, but not pictured: a baby shower gift. Will post pictures once the shower is over! It's very cute, though.

Green Bag

Pattern: Child's Rectangle Purse
Yarn: Some acrylic DK weight yarn

We went to the yarn store a few months back and Margaret was in love with a felted purse, so I figured I'd make her a purse eventually. It's not felted because I didn't want to put that kind of work into something that would get destroyed in use. And I wanted it to be washable.
I adjusted the pattern to fit my gauge and I didn't make it as long as it said, but Margaret loves it still.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

FO: Halloween Socks

Pattern: Blue Ray Socks from Lorna Miser's The Knitter's Guide to Hand-dyed and Variegated Yarn
Yarn: custom colorway of 75/25 Wool/Bamboo blend sock yarn from Lanitium ex Machina

When asked about what colors I liked in a colorway, I said that I liked bright colors like orange and purple thinking that the dyer would use that as an inspiration point. I received Halloween-colored yarn! Just in time for the fall, too.

This yarn sat in my stash for a few months because I knew that it would pool a lot. When I received The Knitter's Guide to Hand-dyed and Variegated Yarn, full of patterns and other ideas for reducing pooling, I knew that this yarn would be good for trying and finding out if the book was as good at reducing pooling as it said it was. I think it did a pretty good job. Please pardon the pictures- my camera was acting up and everything came out really dark, so I had to adjust the exposure and brightness and now it looks washed out!