Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As you Knit, so shall you Frog

That pink/red knitting from yesterday? Not enough yarn. And it was hand-dyed and gifted to me 3 years ago, so the chances of finding more? Slim to none.

I really want to do that project for my county fair entry this year, but I'm going to have to dig up new yarn. Third time's a charm, right? Right? I'm sad because that piece of knitting represents 3 weeks' work.

So I now need to find new yarn and I need to find a project for this red stuff. It's beautiful and will make something amazing, but the right project has to come along.

Back to the random number generator? Find a hibernating project to finish? Try out the knitting machine? Work on some so-top-secret-it-is-not-even-going-to-be-on-my-Ravelry-page projects?

We will see. Unless it's the last one. No one gets to see those.

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