Friday, January 06, 2012

New Knitting Toys

I just got my copy of Coastal Knits by Alana Dakos and Hannah Fetig. I'm so excited to look through it. The fact that they put it together all by themselves is so inspiring!

Also, this week, I bought a knitting machine. Yes! It's a vintage KnitKing machine. I have a project in mind for it and can't wait to get started on designing for it! The design I want to do uses coloring and I know intarsia can be done on a knitting machine, but I'm considering doing duplicate stitch instead. What do you think? It's going to be pretty detailed and I'm afraid that going with intarsia will mean more ends to weave in and more work in general. But it might look better in intarsia. Hmm...

What do you think? Anyone used a knitting machine before?

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