Thursday, January 26, 2012

Temple outfit

A friend just reminded me that I never shared the temple outfit I sewed last August. I wore it to the temple for a special ward RS trip before I had time to do any embroidery on it and I still haven't found time for that, but it's ok in all its plain glory.

 These pictures were before I did the hemming, so the tunic is a little long. And now that I look at the pictures again, the tunic really does need some embroidery. So boring.
 Best part? PANTS!


Apron Appeal said...

If I ever find the need to replace the temple dress I have, I am SO doing this.

Jakers said...

Awesome! They look way comfy!

Lindsey@HappierThanABirdQuilts said...

I think it is awesome and comfy looking.
Did anybody notice or say anything about the pants?

TopHat said...

No one noticed, especially once everything else was on. I was kind of disappointed. Oh well!