Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FO: Bath Rug

We have a little step that goes up to our bathtub. No bath mats fit it.

As a temporary solution, we've just used a folded towel for stepping on with wet feet. But that's not very attractive.

So I knit a long mat. Though, I'm not sure if it's actually more attractive. The bathroom has red floors, a pink tub, and tiles that match the colors in the curtain. It's "eclectic."

The fabric strips were leftover from our curtains. We have plain white Ikea curtains that go to the floor. Last summer our landlady serged them to the correct lengths for the windows and I kept the scraps. Here's a window with not-to-the-floor Ikea curtains. And a Margaret. She was collecting leaves (on toy box).

I based this bath mat off of the Cocoknits Rag Bath Mat, which was, unfortunately, too wide. So I doubled up the cable, and used a background of reverse stockinette stitch (two on each side, one between the cables).

Yeah... not that attractive, but whatever. It'll fit better than a folded towel.

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