Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stitches West!

This is Margaret before Stitches West.

Here she is under 3 pounds of yarn.

And Isaac is holding more!

I'm not good at getting pictures, but we did browse most of the booths. I grabbed some stuff that was on sale and in bulk, but made notes of yarns that I would order at a later date.

I came home with some natural-colored superwash. This has a special project assigned to it that I can't speak of.

Margaret thinks I'm going to knit her a pink coat from this one, but I am not knitting a child a laceweight jacket. Not happening.

I thought this was pretty and it was only $10, so I bought it.

Margaret wants a dress from this one. That I will actually do.

I liked this one, too, and it was $10 as well. And later I discovered that it's the same color as the one above that was $10. Must be attracted to it or something. No label, sadly, but it's a cotton or a rayon boucle yarn.

After returning home, I was overwhelmed with my stash, so I spent the entire evening organizing and assigning projects to most of my skeins. Except for dishcloth cotton, acrylic for toys, and wool for felting/soakers/longies, every skein has a project assigned. I wrote the pattern down on paper and wrapped the paper around each skein. I also made the notes in my Ravelry queue.

I went to bed at midnight thirty Friday night. It was a beautiful night and I woke up Saturday excited to tackle my newly organized stash!

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