Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

As much as possible this week, I have worked on my parasol. That was, until I ran out of yarn. That's ok, though, I live in walking distance to the yarn store and there were skeins left and I'm sure getting a third wouldn't be a problem.

Famous. Last. Words.

No more skeins of my color. And if they reorder more, I can't guarantee they'll be the same dye lot. My only chance right now is to carry the tag with me to Stitches this weekend and see if the knitting goddess smiles on me and puts another skein in my path. Also, if you have a skein of Dream in Color Everlasting in the Brilliant color 712, dye lot 1732, let me know. I'll buy it off of you.

So that sits.

Meanwhile, I started swatching for a project that I can't share. But I can share the swatch. Red! The swatch needs to be washed and blocked still.

And this weekend is Stitches West! I'll be heading down either Friday or Saturday. I'm not taking any classes, but I have a very specific shopping list for future projects and I'm hoping to stock up!

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Claire Lindstrom said...

Do you always wash and block your swatches?