Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Parasol Progress

After receiving the extra skein of blue, I was able to finish my knitting on the parasol!

I even went out and bought beading materials. The store didn't have dangle beads in the size I liked, so I bought the headpins and beads and made some myself. I was lucky both kids napped that day.

So after I finish blogging today, I'm going to take the paper off the parasol. I need to buy some gold spray paint, but as soon as the weather is nice and I can spray paint the parasol frame, I'll get it finished! I think with the beads and the yarn, this is my most expensive project to date, about $150 in materials. But it's good to spend money on something that is going to be nice. And if I win in the county fair, that's $5!

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