Friday, April 27, 2012


Last weekend while in Morgan Hill for McKay's cousin's wedding, we stopped at the local yarn store, Continental Stitch. McKay requested two more pairs of socks and chose these yarns (colors are really off, having issues with my camera phone):

Mountain Colors Crazy Foot in Moose Creek

Schoppel Wolle Fliegende Untertasse in Sputnik Welle

Last night while working on my acorn socks, I turned the heel to discover that I missed the very important errata and had to frog the whole thing. So that's over with. I'll tackle it again soon.

While that project was in "time out" for being a pain, I decided that I needed to change up crafts and try something new to clear my palate. This is a project inspired by an etsy store that I can't find anymore. I used silver thread for the lettering. I chose the frame because I thought it looked like a computer monitor. It has scratches on it because it's from the Creative Reuse store, but hey- cheap frame! The black cross stitch fabric was hard to find. The local sewing store had no black Aida and so I waited 3 trips to the Creative Reuse store until they finally had an old cross stitch kit with black fabric. I knew one would show up eventually.

The font is the same that is used in Minecraft. Very old school. And now it sits on McKay's desk at work.

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