Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas Aprons

After I made the gnomes, I realized my knitting was not kick-started by that kit. So I tried again, but with sewing.

You know those fabrics that have a pattern and instructions printed on them? You just have to cut it out and follow it? A lady in my quilting group was destashing her fabric last Christmas and I acquired the fabric and instructions for 4 aprons.

On the bottom of two of the aprons, I've attached red eyelet lace, but I don't have enough of the eyelet lace for the other two aprons. I do have some ruffle, though.

Help me figure out how I want to sew this ruffle on. On the left, the ruffle is pinned so that the top edge is behind the apron fabric. The right has it so you can see the edge. The top is how I sewed the eyelet lace: I chose to put it behind the fabric, but I'm not sure about the ruffle. Ruffle has a different feel.

Also, sorry for the bad coloring: I had to accentuate the differences between the reds in the picture so you could tell where the apron ended and the edging began.

What am I going to do with 4 aprons? Not keep them. The University ward has a Christmas auction every year and I might put them in that. There is also a homeschool craft fair where homeschool kids and families can sell things and the money is given to a Women's Shelter. If they do that again this year, I might donate these aprons to that. I certainly don't need 4 aprons!

Also: how would you do the ruffle edging here?

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