Monday, July 23, 2012

FO: Gnomes

I haven't blogged much these last couple of months because I haven't knit much. I had some pregnancy-induced depression that kept me from even knitting. I did try one week to knit about 3 different toys for friends' kids, but all 3 of those toys are half-finished and I really doubt I'll ever finish them. Frog or toss?

So in an attempt to get my knitting mojo back, I thought I'd try a kit. In May a lady at church was de-stashing her yarn and patterns and I took a lot home. She had some very very nice yarn. Unfortunately, that's not where I started. I decided, "Oh this knitted gnome kit! That'll be nice since the pattern and yarn and everything is right there." I hoped it our jump-start me back into knitting.

It didn't. And I made a couple of interesting gnomes. And by interesting, I mean, "I think these are kind of ugly." The date on the kit says 1987, which I think accounts for the large shoulders. Larger shoulders were a thing in the 80s, you know.

Margaret likes the gnomes. I guess that's all that matters. We got a fairy doll house last week and rainbow gnomes have taken up residence there. These big ones will probably end up there, too.

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funkyhan said...

I love them (does that say bad things about my tastes?)