Monday, October 22, 2012


So after I finished those socks, my next project was Halloween costumes. My kids kept changing their minds, but eventually settled on "mermaid" and "pumpkin." I got the fabric for the mermaid costume and orange pumpkin shirt for less than $25 at the discount fabric store down the road. Margaret specifically asked for a purple tail and I found the best "scale-like" fabric ever.

The back:

It's shiny scale fabric with tulle for the fin part. She requested the halter neck, and since that was easier than straps, that's what I went with.

The green scarf is from the dollar store. It's supposed to be "seaweed." We also colored her hair blue and green- it just didn't show up well in these pictures! I also bought supplies to make a crown, but the sea glass was too heavy to stay on her head or allow the hot glue to keep it together.

Isaac wanted to be a pumpkin. I made his tunic shirt from some orange linen. McKay cut out the face and I sewed it on. When it's no longer Halloween, I can remove the face and he'll have a nice orange shirt.

I did knit the hat, though. The pictures aren't the greatest, but oh well! I
Pattern: Pumpkin Hat and Leaf
Yarn: Red Heart

I made sure to wash the hat before he wore it at the Halloween party- much softer!

I'll try to get better pictures this weekend at another party. And maybe on Halloween itself. I'm glad I'm done with the costumes, though!

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