Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January's Update

It has been a very slow knitting month for me. I spent the first two weeks working on the parasol I want to make for the county fair this year. I ran out of that skein and had to frog it.

For the next couple of weeks, I worked on a mitten pattern I'm designing myself. The cuff needed lots of frogging and re-knitting and now the closure at the top is getting in some frogging and re-knitting. You only get to see the palm side because I don't want anyone taking my awesome pattern idea. ;)

Frustrated with the mitten, I decided to take a break this weekend and tear up some scraps of fabric left over from serging the bottoms of our curtains and make some yarn.

It's going to need some "blocking" but will fit in our bathroom on the skinny step that goes up to our tub.

Tonight I go to knit night and I'm planning on working on the mitten again. Oh, and then I have to knit ANOTHER mitten, but it should go faster since the design will be set and ready. It's like test-knitting!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Temple outfit

A friend just reminded me that I never shared the temple outfit I sewed last August. I wore it to the temple for a special ward RS trip before I had time to do any embroidery on it and I still haven't found time for that, but it's ok in all its plain glory.

 These pictures were before I did the hemming, so the tunic is a little long. And now that I look at the pictures again, the tunic really does need some embroidery. So boring.
 Best part? PANTS!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Acquisitions

When I won Coastal Knits from Yarn on the House, I also won a few skeins to swatch with. There's not enough for a project, but trying out new yarns is fun!

And here's my new KnitKing in all its retro glory. Check out the instructions. Fancy!

Here's a swatch. I was testing out the tension. I used a DK weight acrylic yarn. The knitting machine project I had in mind needs worsted, and I think that might be too thick for this machine. We'll see.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As you Knit, so shall you Frog

That pink/red knitting from yesterday? Not enough yarn. And it was hand-dyed and gifted to me 3 years ago, so the chances of finding more? Slim to none.

I really want to do that project for my county fair entry this year, but I'm going to have to dig up new yarn. Third time's a charm, right? Right? I'm sad because that piece of knitting represents 3 weeks' work.

So I now need to find new yarn and I need to find a project for this red stuff. It's beautiful and will make something amazing, but the right project has to come along.

Back to the random number generator? Find a hibernating project to finish? Try out the knitting machine? Work on some so-top-secret-it-is-not-even-going-to-be-on-my-Ravelry-page projects?

We will see. Unless it's the last one. No one gets to see those.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Two weeks without pictures? Sorry! I've been working on the Lady's Bumbershoot again, but with a new yarn. I'm hoping this will be my county fair entry this year. I'm a little worried that it won't block big enough, but due to a twist of fate, I've ended up with bigger needles for the last couple of rounds, so perhaps that will fix everything. And since red is such a hard color to photograph, you get a very pink picture. It's much more red, I promise.

I want to do some swatches on my new machine (yay!) and design those mittens I mentioned. The mittens went on hold because I needed to get the right yarn, but I think I'm ready.

Friday, January 06, 2012

New Knitting Toys

I just got my copy of Coastal Knits by Alana Dakos and Hannah Fetig. I'm so excited to look through it. The fact that they put it together all by themselves is so inspiring!

Also, this week, I bought a knitting machine. Yes! It's a vintage KnitKing machine. I have a project in mind for it and can't wait to get started on designing for it! The design I want to do uses coloring and I know intarsia can be done on a knitting machine, but I'm considering doing duplicate stitch instead. What do you think? It's going to be pretty detailed and I'm afraid that going with intarsia will mean more ends to weave in and more work in general. But it might look better in intarsia. Hmm...

What do you think? Anyone used a knitting machine before?