Friday, April 27, 2012


Last weekend while in Morgan Hill for McKay's cousin's wedding, we stopped at the local yarn store, Continental Stitch. McKay requested two more pairs of socks and chose these yarns (colors are really off, having issues with my camera phone):

Mountain Colors Crazy Foot in Moose Creek

Schoppel Wolle Fliegende Untertasse in Sputnik Welle

Last night while working on my acorn socks, I turned the heel to discover that I missed the very important errata and had to frog the whole thing. So that's over with. I'll tackle it again soon.

While that project was in "time out" for being a pain, I decided that I needed to change up crafts and try something new to clear my palate. This is a project inspired by an etsy store that I can't find anymore. I used silver thread for the lettering. I chose the frame because I thought it looked like a computer monitor. It has scratches on it because it's from the Creative Reuse store, but hey- cheap frame! The black cross stitch fabric was hard to find. The local sewing store had no black Aida and so I waited 3 trips to the Creative Reuse store until they finally had an old cross stitch kit with black fabric. I knew one would show up eventually.

The font is the same that is used in Minecraft. Very old school. And now it sits on McKay's desk at work.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drawstring Bag

Pattern: Drawstring Bags from The Knitter's Bible
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Coffee Brown
This was another project determined by the random number generator. I really didn't want to knit it. Just not in the mojo, but my desire to use up my stash and have less yarn in my yarn box won out and so I made a little bag.
I wanted the flowers on the bag to be random, so I looked up the binary representation of the ASCII characters for "bag" and "BAG" and used them to determine the 0's and 1's, or blank diamonds and rose-containing diamonds. This is now going to be a reusable gift-wrapping bag for holidays and birthdays.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I signed up for the county fair! I made a lot of progress on my parasol.

Pattern: A Lady's Bumbershoot (Rav link)
Yarn: Dream in Color Everlasting in Brilliant

Last weekend I removed the paper from and spray painted gold the paper parasol I bought from the Creative Reuse store. Yay for upcycling!

Then I spent all of Sunday afternoon sewing the finished knitting onto the frame.

And then I finally got around to taking pictures.

Isaac got hold of the parasol a couple of times, so there are some wooden dowel issues- I need to go in with some wood glue, new string, and gold paint to fix them so that it's in working order for the fair in a couple of months.

I still need to steam block the edge so it doesn't roll up.

This is my most expensive knitting project to date. I'm guessing the yarn cost me $75. The frame was cheap- $3? The beads were about $40. And with the time? Yeah, very costly. But beautiful.

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Last week I went to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse to find a map for homeschooling. I found one and then some patterns!

Starting at top left:
1986 Winter Vogue knitting (this stuff is back in style, yes?)
Book of generic patterns because it's always good to have some basic patterns on hand
Cast on from 2004 just because

Botton left:
Crochet toddler patterns (will destash to a crocheter)
Toddler basic patterns because even if they are out of style, kids look cute in everything
More toddler patterns, same reason as above

3 sewing patterns because I'd like to get better at that.
Some cotton yarn.

More basic kids patterns.
Knitting patterns for some 1990s rad kids' sweater. Click to zoom in and enjoy the awesomeness of a sweater that says "Rap" on it. Yes, Margaret needs that. Goodness! I need that.

Friday, April 06, 2012

FO: Socks

Pattern: First Grade
Yarn: Cleckheaton Cocoon (now discontinued) in purple

After I finished the first sock, but before the ruffle, Margaret was trying them on. She wanted the other sock done NOW. I showed her the ruffle in the pattern as well as all the finished projects on Ravelry with ruffles. Then this conversation happened:

Me: Do you want me to put a ruffle on your socks?
Margaret: No.
Me: So no ruffle?
Margaret: Some girls might want a ruffle, but I don't.
Me: You're right, some girls might.
Margaret: And boys.
Me: Right. Boys, too. So no ruffle?
Margaret No.

I wanted to be VERY VERY sure before I decided these were done and I guess that is that. On the plus side, Isaac loves them too and can't wait to grow into these when Margaret's done with them. In fact, he's tried putting them on this morning, much to Margaret's upset.

This yarn is the perfect yarn for this project. I'm sad it's discontinued. It's very soft and lovely.

Circle Cloth

Pattern: Circle Cloth
Yarn: Some worsted cotton I had in my basket

Just meandering through my queue. I was kind of lost in my knitting mojo and just doing random projects. Wasn't sure if this was going to be a dish cloth or washcloth, so Margaret decided and it's a washcloth for the kids' baths.

And the pictures aren't great. I need to see if I can fix my DSLR or if we need to just buy a new one.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

FO: Radishes

Pattern: Knitted Radishes
Yarn: Acrylic lying around

I made three, but one got lost on a playgroup. I anticipate getting it back tomorrow, though. Just blowing through my queue randomly!