Monday, December 30, 2013

Random bag

The story behind this mystery thing is that it was going to be a backpack, then I didn't finish it and I found it sitting in a pile, so I decide, "To heck with a backpack, I'm just going to knit until the yarn is gone!!"

So I did. Now the bottom is wider than the top and there are 3 handles and a couple of crochet rows around the top.

You know, because knitting.


Pattern: Elder-on-the-shelf
Yarn: Cascade 220

This was what I made for my Swapetition partner!

Here's Cthulhu's butt.

 Hanging out.


It's watching you.
The kids loved playing with it and requested their own. Maybe some day.

Doggie Hoodie

Pattern: Hoodie Dog Coat
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft

 The instructions are pretty confusing. I recommend reading the notes on the Ravelry projects.

Butin necklace

For my birthday, I bought myself a kit for making a necklace. Here it is!

Kit: Butin Collar by Nelkin Designs

Potato Chip Scarf

Margaret bought me this yarn for my birthday. And I had no idea what to do with it. So it's a potato chip scarf now.

Pattern: Potato Chip Scarf
Yarn: Red Heart in Bonbon Print

It's spiral-ly.

Fox hat

I just realized that I hadn't posted pictures of Linda's fox hat and tail from Halloween!

Pattern: Woodland Fox Baby
Yarn: Some acrylic similar to Red Heart Soft.


You can sort of see the tail pinned to the back of her pants.

We pinned the tail on the mai tai for the ward Trunk or Treat.

Monday, December 09, 2013


I participated in the Savvy Girls Podcast Swapetition! I'll share what I knit for my partner in the next post, but here's what I got in the mail today!

A beautiful box!

With a scarf in it!

And lots of yarn!