Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dalek Dress

Pattern: Mummy's Little Dalek Jumper
Yarn: Red Heart Soft

Yes, I know it's acrylic, but a baby will be spitting up in it. I used size 6 and 8 needles instead of 5 and 7 in the pattern and they extra room made the fabric lighter and I like that. So often acrylic gets hot and sticky- I don't think this dress will have that problem.

Lace Chevron Earwarmer

Pattern: Lace Chevron Earwarmer
Yarn: Berroco Trilogy in Braemer Brown

After that sweater vest, I had a skein of that ugly yarn left. Not wanting to look at that yarn in my stash forever, and knowing that if I thrifted it, it would never get any use, I decided to knit up something small and quick. And now I have an earwarmer headband.

Little heart buttons!

I wonder if this will fit under my bike helmet for keeping my ears warm this winter...

Ugly Vest!

Pattern: Sleeveless tank
Yarn: Berroco Trilogy in Braemer Brown

A long time ago I bought this yarn. I don't know why I bought it. It's not particularly attractive. Well, other colorways were, but not this one. I bought it just the same. And I thought I'd make fishnets out of them. WTH was I thinking?

So I frogged those last year and decided that I needed to use it up. There's a secret about kids' clothes: almost anything looks cute on a kid. So I knew I had to doom my children to this yarn.

Found a pattern and here it is.

I made size 4T, and was ready to use up all my yarn, since I had the exact yardage for it. But I suppose I must use less yarn than other people and I only used 3 of the 4 skeins.

And for some reason Margaret loves it. Who knew?

I finished this last Monday. This was the knitting project I was working on in early labor Saturday. Oh, I had a baby last weekend, if you hadn't heard.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Birthday Socks!

Pattern: Globe Trotter Socks
Yarn: Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in Moose Creek

I started these a couple of months ago, but with the holidays, they went on the back burner. They were my travel knitting, which meant most of the knitting was done at church.

They are for McKay and I finished them last night- in time for his birthday today! We picked out the yarn together last year- he wanted "manly" colors and the red in these will match the burgundy pinstripe in his three piece suit. Perfect!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Rainbow Chain

Pattern: Jelly Rings
Yarn: Red Heart on hand

I queued this a long time ago. I'm not sure why. But I made it. I suppose it can be a teething toy, but the kids are currently  using it as an open-ended imagination toy. It's been a necklace and a leash already today.


Pattern: Mr. Pear
Yarn: Red Heart from the stash

And another small project for the kids' play kitchen. I'm actually wondering at what point I need to stop making them play food. Their kitchen is getting kind of crowded...


Pattern: Cherries are the Bomb
Yarn: Red Heart that I had lying around

Another project for using up a small amount of yarn. Very fast and the kids like them for their play kitchen.

Water Dragon

Pattern: Hai-Riyo from Knitting on Top of the World by Nicky Epstein
Yarn: Red Heart that I had lying around

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided I wanted to do only fun projects that have no pressing importance, so I random-number-generated a project from my Ravelry queue and this dragon was one that came up. I queued it back in the day when I wanted to make sure each of my knitting books actually got used instead of sitting there collecting dust. I chose at least 2 patterns from each book and added them in my Ravelry queue. I've acquired some new books since I last did that; I should probably go through my newer books and do the same.

Anyway, here's a dragon! And since this baby will probably be born in the Year of the Dragon, it's for the baby. I used blue, so I'm calling it a water dragon.

The neck is ridiculously long, but it's physically impossible for dragons to be anatomically incorrect (mythical creatures, they are), so who cares?